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The International Maritime Employers' Council is the only international employers' organisation dedicated exclusively to maritime industrial relations.

IMEC has been in existence for more than seventy years, but it was transformed in 1992 when it adopted its present name and programme of activities. 

Previously, IMEC had only represented its member companies in national wage negotiations covering seafarers from the Indian Sub-Continent. In 1992, the members decided that IMEC should take on a much broader negotiating role with regards to ITF-approved agreements covering seafarers serving on ships designated by ITF as flying flags of convenience. 

IMEC is the only international organisation involved in this work and today represents more than 250 companies, operating more than 12,000 ships with over 250,000 seafarers, over half of them are covered by ITF agreements. 

Virtually every flag and nationality of seafarers are utilised by IMEC members. 

IMEC was a founder member of the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG), a group of employer organisations that have agreed to work together collectively in negotiations with ITF. 

The agreements we reach cover wages and employment conditions, together with special administrative arrangements we have negotiated with ITF, such as a unique version of the Special Agreement, a disputes procedure and particular funding arrangements which are all exclusive to companies involved with IMEC and the other participating companies in the JNG. 

In addition, we negotiate the application of IBF agreements with ITF through the local unions in the Philippines, India, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Italy and many other countries with either a large seafarer population or a ship owners/managers community. IMEC also negotiates with Ver.di a special ITF-approved agreement covering ships beneficially owned in Germany. 

All these agreements are exclusive to IMEC members.

IMEC is heavily involved in Cadets’ training in the Philippines running exclusive programmes in the Maritime Academy of Asia Pacific (MAAP) which are made available to Members virtually free of cost. At present approximately 880 cadets are studying under the IMEC programme and our current annual intake is of about 260 trainees.

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IMEC membership has increased rapidly, with over 251 member organisations as of July 2019.

For more information on how to get in touch, follow the link below. 

Open Registers and Collective Bargaining Episode

Thank you to IMEC for sponsoring The Shipping Exchange. In this episode, we explore the role that IMEC plays in collective bargaining agreements that affect vast numbers of seafarers, whilst also discussing the relationship between flags and quality.