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Since the late 1980s, ship management has been an important industry in its own right. It was this which drove the need for an association to represent ship managers and to provide a forum for the global ship management industry to ensure best practice procedures and sustainability.

Today InterManager represents ship and crew managers, as well as associated organisations, from around the world.

It’s unrivalled presence within the wider maritime industry has allowed the association to be at the forefront of a number of initiatives, including:

  • Shipping KPIs
  • Seafarer fatigue
  • The single window system
  • Paperless shipping

Representing over 4,000 vessels and over 250,000 seafarers, InterManager has a respected global representation.

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Criminalisation and Safety Culture Episodes

Thank you to InterManager for sponsoring The Shipping Exchange. In our 'Criminalisation of the Seafarer' episode, we explore the  growing phenomenon of seafarer criminalisation and discuss the many challenges that confront the 21st century Master in their professional conduct.  

Seafarers are exposed to many risks at sea, and enclosed spaces remain one of the biggest threats. In our second episode kindly sponsored by InterManager, we discuss what more can be done to protect seafarer safety and improve safety culture.

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