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As a small, agile team of experienced Master Mariners and other specialists, we combine deep practical experience in our fields with detailed theoretical understanding and a large dose of intellectual curiosity. We love solving problems and, with our finger firmly on the pulse of the modern maritime industry, are able to provide solutions which look forwards, not backwards.

Our consultants have earnt their stripes the hard way and are true experts in their sector. They have a huge amount of relevant and recent experience, to enable us to provide innovative solutions which build on best practice and look forward, not backward. All that, combined with the kind of responsive and bespoke service that larger organisations just can’t match, makes us the obvious choice.

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Orals Prep Episode

Thank you to Whitehorse Maritime for sponsoring The Shipping Exchange.  Preparing for your oral examination can be incredibly stressful and seem like an impossible challenge. We’ve put together this episode to give some hints and tips on how to stay calm and focused leading up to your big day.